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¨Does Catalonian balladry involve a lot of sighing, whispering, squawking and screeching? Well regardless if it does or it doesn’t we got that. Charming and very surprising show, a whole new  approach to playing a guitar.¨

Richard James Foster -The Quietus, Louder than War, Vice…  (Incendiary Magazine ) 

El Períodico

Ell Sol (Joan Mena) is a Catalan performer-singer-songwriter whose intense, groundbreaking performances push the boundaries of contemporary music with the soul and sensibility of an artist looking to connect in deeper ways with his audiences. With songs sung primarily in his native Catalan, his lyrics transcend language with penetrating melodies and a familiar but unconventional delivery that leaves you wanting to put your palms together or jump to feet and dance.

Ell Sol combines the rich, melodic intensity of flamenco with whimsical shanties strummed on his kalimba,kologo, ukulele or other unusual instruments he plays while casually strolling through the crowd interacting with a unique brand of showmanship seldom seen today.

Richard Morris

Ell Sol -Joan Mena-, uno de los talentos más inspiradores de la escena musical nacional. Agitador de tremendas erupciones de folk ácido aflamencado, Ell Sol nos traerá desde Sabadell su descomunal Imperfeccions Naturals (2013): un manjar de los que se paladean tras engullirlo con voracidad pantagruélica; sin duda, uno de los discos más estimulantes, y a reivindicar, del año pasado. (Marcos Gendre, La Zancadilla Julio 2014)

ELL SOL in GHANA- Full Program Radio with King Ayisoba, Afromoses, Biggie Gad…

Experimenta amb l’acústica més primitiva, la fusta, les cordes…sense recórrer als efectes i deixant al descobert la seva veu cridanera i en clau de folk català. Amb tocs flamencs, de jazz, folk, clàssica, ètnica,…com ell es defineix MICRO-FOLK-CATALÀ-EXPERIMENTAL. (Susanna Ayllon)


Ell Sol love’ s to share stage and music with another mono-projects around the world.

Here some artist and friends that Joan Mena found in the stage and/or collaborate in his adventure:

Carl Stone (US), King Ayisoba (Ghana), Zea (The Ex-nl), Eric Boros (Vialka-Fr), Laura Cannell (UK) Efje de Visser (nl), Howie Reeve (uk), OneMansNoise (Gre), Stephanie Pan (usa), Rainstick Cowbell (usa), Apostolis Maris (Eleftheria Arvanitaki-Gre) Marcos Junquera (Betunizer-ES),  Dorien Meijsing (nl), Sivan Alajem (Isr), Shireen (nl), Prince Buju (Ghana), Port of Call (nl),  Ivan Čkonjević (Serbia) Madhav Agarwal (India), Diego Armando DJ (BCN), Sarah Albu (Can), Laura Puska (Fin), DBH (UK) , Delphine Dora (fr) Ayunne Suley (Ghana), Pau Vallvé (cat), Afromoses (Ghana), Wiyaala (Ghana), Atongo Zimba (Ghana-UK), James Hewitt (UK), Rubén Castillo (ES) Léonore Boulanger (fr), Jean-Daniel Botta (fr), Laurent Sériès (fr), Ricardo Marogna (It), Maya Felixbrodt (isr), Miriam den Boer (nl), Pau Sola (Cat).

Touring Greece with OneMansNoise

Touring with ZEA (NL)- on Mini tour 2013

Touring with King Ayisoba (Ghana) -on Mini Tour 2013

Playing with Dorien Meijsing

Ell Sol + Stephanie Pan @Radio Tonka 12-11-12 (NL)

Shireen + Ell Sol at No border Camp 2013 Rotterdam